Generating an HTML Page

Content journeys were designed to host any webpage however there are some guidelines you should follow to increase your audience content experience.

Guideline 1 – Create a responsive HTML page which presents well in desktops, tablets and smartphones in different widths and heights.

Guideline 2 – Create a light page which is not overloaded with information.


Content Journeys allocate a small part of the screen to display the guide bar which guides the reader step by step through the content.

In desktop, the navigation bar width is responsive to the screen width. The minimum width is 200px and the maximum width is 350px.



In mobile, the top and bottom guide bars height are both 44px.


In tablets, the top and bottom guide bars height are both 60px.




Guideline 3 – Leave blank spaces at the edges of your page so your content will not be too close to the guide bar and the navigation buttons.


Here is an example where the content is starched and overlapped with the navigation buttons. This is not desirable.



Here is a example where there is enough space between the content and the navigation buttons. This is desirable.





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