Analytics Terminology


This refers to any entry to a Content Journey. An individual may enter a Content Journey several times and view several steps inside it. Each session is considered a visit.  A visit ends when the visitor closes their browser tab, or leaves the Content Journey. 


Step Views

Every time someone views your step, a step view is recorded by our system. The total step views are the number of times any of your steps has been viewed by any visitor.


Johnny Visits your Content Journey and leaves at step 6.  Your reporting will show 1 visitor and 6 step views.


CTA Clicks

Calls to Action are the optional buttons that you can add to your left bar. These lead to a specific step or to an external web-page. Each click on this button is recorded and reported as CTA Click.



The number of times visitors have clicked the Content Journey Share buttons.  Sharing by other means is not recorded.



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