Analytics Introduction

Roojoom provides an easy to use analytics tool: Roojoom Insights.  Learn how your users consume your content and easily track their digital journey. 

To access Content Journey insights you will need to login to your account and click on the Analytics Tab (As shown in the image below). 

All Roojoom Insights are private and are available only to the account owner. Your readers will not have access to this data.


Roojoom Analytics has three main tabs: Overall, Steps Breakdown and Daily Activity.


"Overall" is Roojoom insights dashboard that provides a list of all your Content Journeys alongside the Content Journey specific visitor summary.  You may filter the results by time-span and sort the column by name or view-count.  Click on the Content Journey Actions tab to see detailed info.


Steps Breakdown

The view count for each step is presented in a horizontal funnel-shaped chart.  The steepness of your curve signifies your loss/gain of the audience, so your goal is to keep the curve as flat as possible.  Note that in the example below there are more views of step 7 (The closing step) than step 6. This could indicate that readers are skipping forward to the final step.


If you see a major drop off at any specific step, examine the content and consider what could be causing your visitors to leave at that point.

Note that viewers may revisit steps that they have seen before, so you may get certain view spikes for popular steps. 

Daily Activity

The overall daily performance of your Content Journeys can be seen in this tab. If the horizontal funnel-shaped chart is declining downward, you have been losing your audiences in the recent time. Your goal here is to keep the curve upward that signifies you are attracting more visitors into your content journeys.


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