Google Analytics Integration

Content Journeys user behavior can be reflected inside your company's Google Analytics (GA).

In order to integrate the Roojoom platform to a GA platform you will need to fill in your GA tracking id in the menu below.

The format of the tracking id is UA-XXXXXXXXX-X.

Account Settings -> Tracking -> Google Codes:


Google Analytics - page visit analysis

Once GA is integrated you be able to use it in the same manner you use it today. Each content journey appears as a page inside your GA. Each content journey step appears as a single page in GA.

For example, got to menu Behaviour -> Site Content -> All Pages 


You will now be able to view each of the content journey steps analytics such as views and duration. 


Google Analytics - event analysis

The Roojoom platform also sends GA behavioral events such as action button clicks, video views and how users read a multi page document such as a PDF.

In order to learn about the event list click here.





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