New Feature - Navigation Control

What is Navigational Control?

Navigational Control allows you to customize access for each step. By default, a viewer could freely click to view any steps they desire. But in some cases, viewers should be restricted from visiting past steps, or skipping forward. We created this feature to provide control over your viewer's navigation within the Content Journey. 

How does it work?

1. Allow next/previous step only

For certain Content Journeys, you may want to limit progress through the content to sequential order. For example, a viewer will only be able to view the content step by step. (Step 1 to step 2, step 2 to step 3...) 

Use Case: Content Journey eBook

In this example, the content journey is made to nurture a viewer at every stage of a content funnel. In order to do so, we have blocked step-jump and only allowed to proceed to next step at every step of the content journey.


2. Conditional access to steps

Conditional access is useful in recording viewer's information before giving access to content steps.  For example, a Content Journey with conditional access can be used for lead generation by preventing viewers from viewing further content before they fill out a form.  The step-lock feature can be used after installing Content Journey Navigation SDK. Contact Roojoom Support for further details.

Use Case: Form submission requirement before giving access to other steps

Conditional access is useful for pre-conference invites. The mechanism forces viewers to provide information for event planners. This interactive form engages and nurtures the viewers through the content funnel.
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